How to play Japanese games on foreign Playstation systems?

There are three different ways to play Japanese Playstation games on the foreign systems (US, Asia, European models...etc). One way is to use swap trick which I personally don't recommend it. The second and common way is to install the MOD chip inside the system. You can buy the MOD chip from the internet, for example, In order to install this chip, you need to have some soldering skills or seek help from a technical person. The latest and the safest way now is to buy the device called PlugMod which it plugs onto the back of the system (Parellel I/O Port. This device actually has some other neat functions, such as Game Shark codes compatibility.

Disclaimer: The intended purpose of MOD chip and Enhancer are to aid in the use of your Playstation to play imports that you legally own, as is allowed by law. Banner