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Cable Thorne

Alundra - screenshot Let me start off by taking a moment to reflect on the beauty that is Alundra. This game is a top notch Action/RPG, and will fill a void left in you until Square’s Action/RPG wonder Musashiden. Not only will you get to know ALL the villagers of Inoa, a small town, but also you will travel the terrain of the entire island. Alundra is also an amazingly detailed character, but suffers from two things, the fact that he never speaks, and the enormous feet attached to his legs. I guess I could get started with the review.

The graphics are all 2D, but while this would usually remind you of a 16-bit classic, it doesn’t. The game is so beautiful, that it will never disappoint, and one look at the water boss, and you will see that more effort went into that boss than most developers put in their games. The game could use a few more frames of animation, and there is a bit of slow down, but overall, the graphics will impress.

The sound is pretty good, but it’s no CD soundtrack. It will bring out some good emotions, but most of the time it can be repetitive and not display the right emotion at all. The sound effects are well done, but there are too few of them and they are often repeated for things that don’t fit. The sound effect that is used for picking up rocks is also used for picking up plants, herbs, pots and everything else you pick up, even logs.

Alundra - screenshotAlundra - screenshotAlundra - screenshot

This game controls like a dream. It’s not too stiff, or too loose. Alundra can move in all eight directions (although he can’t shoot his arrows or his flail in all eight). My only gripe with the control is that the dessert area will frustrate even the best gamers until he gets the long boots. It’s also difficult to see ant time jumps correctly, but that’s not big.

The replay value is very low only because when you look back on Alundra you see all the puzzles and difficulties you had and won't remember the greatness. You won't want to play this game more than three times because your brain can only handle so much, but those three times are worth it because this game will eat you up and spit you out.

PS Don’t get a strategy guide, its way more fun figuring everything out.

Graphics: 10 Sound: 7 Control: 9 Replay: 6 Overall: 8

Reviewed by Cable Thorne,

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