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Marc Pee

Armored Core - screenshot GAME BACKGROUND
Armored Core is an eagerly anticipated title which has finally hit the shelves. A campaign game very similiar to MechWarrior for the Super Nintendo where you play the role of a ‘gun-for-hire’ mech pilot.

With a great FMV intro and absorbing gameplay, Armored Core makes Mechwarrior 2 (US PlayStation game by Activision) like a Saturday walk in the park. The objective is to take on missions to earn money. With the money earned, you can upgrade your Mech by buying better parts, better weapons and so on. With a well equipped Mech, you can then take on bigger missions with larger monetary incentives. Enemy Mechs are difficult to kill and winning each mission depends on how cunning you are. This is a difficult game to get into especially when one is new to the controls. However, once you get used to it, controlling your Mech is a breeze.

Armored Core - screenshot GAME OPTIONS
With Auto-Targetting as standard issue, it makes survival of the game a bit easy on the stress level that this game generates. When the enemy Mechs target you, they have no remorse to kill and destroy you. As mentioned before, you have the option to upgrade your Mech weapons, parts and assembly with the money earned after each successful mission. Even the logos, colour and camoflauge on your Mech can be changed and customised.

Thankfully, a save option is available so you can take your time to complete the game. Other options are standard like Key Config, Background Music and Sound Effects.

Overall a very well put-together package. In trying to make Armored Core as ‘realistic’ as possible, every thing is taken into condition. For example, if you take on a mission that pays 10,000 credits, and your Mech gets damaged heavily in the course of battle, the amount of money earned will be deducted against the repair cost of your Mech. Assuming that you complete the mission that leaves you with an amount like 2,500 or less.

Armored Core - screenshot You must also pay attention to the E-Mail messages as they offer good advice before you take on a mission. Unfortunately it’s in Japanese and that may make things difficult.

You Mech controls very well. Character animation is smooth. You can basically move anywhere you want either to complete a mission or avoid enemy fire. The ability to strafe left and right will prove to be the best way to avoid enemy fire especially when things heat up.

Albeit the Mechs looking a bit blocky with a slight pixelisation on close-up due to the lower polygon count, I doubt if many people will bother too much about it as the game is too intense and absorbing for most gamers to notice.

There’s a countdown timer for each mission, and you must completed your mission within the alloted time. Other abilities your Mech possess are, a Slashing Dash attack with a Plasma Sword and using Hover Jets to fly upwards and avoid enemy fire or to attack. You have a full 360 degree views all the time and it can be a bit disorienting in the beginning, but you can get used to it in no time at all.

A darn difficult game to get into. However, the title alone will be enough to get hard-core Mech gamers to buy this game. A great Mech battle simulation game worthy to buy. Despite the high difficulty level of the game, if you are willing to sit down to learn the controls and get annihilated a few times, you will find that this is a very good title for your collection.

GRAPHICS: 8.5 Armored Core - screenshot

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