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Mark Baughman

Auto Destruct

Mission based combat racing is the name of this game. This game mixes the action of Twisted Metal, Nuclear Strike, and Felony 11-79 all in one. It really is not a perfect game, it will keep shooters and racers alike wanting more. You can do lots of destruction on the streets of this game.

The game starts out where a group called the Temple has asked for your experience to knock out the cult Disciples of Lazarus. You race through cities such as San Fransisco, and London, you must complete missions with a hard to complete objective. You have to search and destroy enemy vehicles, and drive people to certain places in a time limit. You must manage you car, and resources (fuel, ammo repair etc.).

The graphics sound and control are all okay. The vehicles are in polygonal fashion with some sporty looking cars. There is alot of clipping of the roads and mountainsides, but the buildings are absolutely perfect. They look pretty even when you are two feet away.

Auto DestructAuto Destruct

The control is okay, once you get used to handling the car. Then you will have no problem whipping around corners and blasting enemy cars. The sound though is very weak. Most of the effects such as explosions are okay, but the 70's backround music and car screaches will drive you crazy after a while.

If you liked Felony 11-79 you will love this game. It gives you many more missions and objectives to complete. If you haven't tried Feloney 11-79 or you didn't like it, you should rent this game. If you did like Felony 11-79 you will PROBABLY like this game.

Graphics: 7.5 Sound: 5.0 Control: 6.5 Gameplay: 8.0 Fun Factor: 7.0

- Reviewed by Mark Baughman,

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