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NTSC - Japan
Marc Pee

Bloody Roar - screenshot Difficulty: Moderate, No. of Players: 1 or 2

Game Background
One of the best games to come out this year for the PlayStation is a 3D polygonal fighting game called Bloody Roar. A fighting game with a difference, Bloody Roar allows players to transform into beasts like a wolf or a tiger. In the process, fighting skills are enhanced as they take on a beast –like quality. Hudson did a wonderful job with this title. They have culled elements from some of the greatest fighting games available and put it into this game.

At A Glance
Apart from the beautifully rendered CG intro reminiscent of Tekken 2, Bloody Roar offers players some really interesting modes of play. In Beast Mode, players can transform into a beast persona and they can pull off a myriad of powerful moves that can render the opponent helpless. A Beast Gauge, which is located just below the regular Health Bar shows how long one can remain transformed as a beast. When Rave Mode is activated, the character will flash, giving players an opportunity to ravage their opponent with faster combos and hits. In this mode, your opponent cannot block or ward off your attacks.

Bloody Roar - screenshot Gameplay And Comments
Bloody Roar is technique driven. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s a simple game with easy combos to pull off. With the difficulty set on high, players will soon be reeling from the punishment their opponent belts out at them. Gore hounds will also love Bloody Roar. As the game title suggests, blood can be seen spurting out of your opponent if a fatal move is executed. If players are familiar with the mechanics for both the Tekken and Street Fighter series, they will have no problems adjusting to this game at all.

Several options are available to the gamer. Players can choose the way their character looks on screen. A choice between Normal, Big-Head (which Japanese gamers love so much) and Kid mode (where your characters become kids, literally) is available for players to choose from. Other options include an Art Gallery where you can see beautiful illustrations of the game characters and their beast persona and there’s even a ‘Watch Mode’ where you can sit down and watch two computer controlled opponents belt it out at each other.

Last Words
Offering intense game play, flashy moves and a great combo system, this title will probably be on most fight fans’ wish list for Christmas. Set to be a hot title for the PlayStation this Christmas, visit your favourite video game store and check this title out.

Reviewed by Marc Pee,

GRAPHICS: 8.5 Bloody Roar - screenshot

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