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3D Air Racing
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Blaine Pynkala

Bravo Air Race - screenshot Number of players: 1 or 2 players via a split screen
Rating: K-A

PSX pilots are a select and hard-core group of gamers. If a game has the word "fly" anywhere in an ad promoting a new release, these sim pilots will buy it. If you have an analog joystick (or as we wanna-be pilots say, a "flightstick"), then you're probably an armchair pilot. No doubt, when you read the promos for Bravo Air Race, you started salivating at the thought that you'd be engaged in some exciting aerial races. After all, Bravo Air Race was billed as " the very first 3-D air racing game". So this game really really really looked promising. Well........................I hate to tell you this "Ace", but this game would have made a better racer on the ground.

Bravo Air Race - screenshot Bravo Air Race is a simple and easy to get into game reminiscent of coin-op games you've played in the past. There are 12 aircrafts to choose from including World War ll fighters and some modern stunt planes. These Include the Lightning, Mustang, Thunderbolt, Corsair, Zero, Sinden, Messerschmitt, Spitfire, Geebee and Pitts. Plus 2 hidden planes. Each plane has different performance characteristics such as speed, acceleration and mobility.

There are only 4 race courses: Mountain (Easy), South City (Normal), Canyon (Hard) and Snow Land (Hard). None of these courses are what you would find in actual aerial races. These courses run through tunnels, cities, and narrow canyons.

Bravo Air Race - screenshot This is a bona fide 100% arcade racing game. You can crash into the grand stand and everyone lives and you continue flying. Don't expect any real-world flight physics.

You can race as a single player, 2 players via a split screen, or race against the clock in Time Attack. After you select the type of race, you choose the course and then your aircraft. Then you're off to the race. There are options for Tracking (Automatic or Manual) and a Course Guide (On or Off).

You have 2 viewing options: either behind the plane or in the cockpit. Along the race course there are pick-ups such as: Speed Boost, Sudden Deceleration and 5 extra seconds. If you hit any of the "L" or "R" buttons, your plane executes an automatic barrel roll and you gain 2 extra seconds. This is quite helpful in the Time Attack.

Bravo Air Race - screenshot The graphics are good, but there's nothing spectacular here. When you get next to objects they become blocky and then transparent.

The sound is good. There's even a helpful voice during the race which soon becomes irritating. The music sounds better when you turn the volume way down.

The BIG negative is - this is your, "the digital controller that came with the Playstation", type game. Bravo Air Race does not support analog controllers. Bummer! (Game designers please make a note of this) It's inexcusable that newly released games which are, or attempt to be simulations do not include analog support.

The Bottom Line: Bravo Air Race is not much fun and does not have much depth. PSX pilots will be looking for the ejection button so they can bail out of this one. Players with heart conditions that cannot tolerate too much excitement can safely play this game. Rent at your own risk.

                          Street Price:  $49.95
                              Password:  No
                           Memory Card:  1 Block
                              Supports:  Nothing
                              Graphics:  8
                                 Sound:  8
                            Soundtrack:  7
                        Learning Curve:  Easy
                            Difficulty:  Moderate
                    Controller Options:  A few
                                Manual:  Fair
                          Replay Value:  Low


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