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Cable Thorne


** Don’t read if you want this to be a surprise **

Wow. That’s all you can say while playing this game. It makes you feel at home on such a current system. Castlevania is a series that has spanned many systems, and it has always been an adventure you’ll never forget. The appearances of characters from other games in the series, such as Death and Dracula (Castlevania Series), Alucard from “Castlevania 3”, and Richter and Maria from “Dracula X”, all make you feel at home in this new game. This isn’t just one big rehash of the same old stuff, it adds a completely new twist to the series; you play as a Vampire. Take one part action and one part RPG and you get a 2D, hand drawn masterpiece.

Dracula X screenshotsDracula X screenshotsDracula X screenshots

The graphics really show that 2D is not dead. The animation on Alucard is phenomenal, although the shadow effect gets pretty sickening. You even get to see the use of some polygons in the game. I do have some gripes with the graphics. They literally replay half the game over, like they stopped a movie and played it upside down, it would have been cooler if they had just made a whole New Castle. Second of all, the graphics for some of the areas are bland green, or sepia-toned. It does NOT make it an enjoyable experience. Last, the last boss looks like it was taken off the Super NES. He is not amazing at all, and he moves like a boss from that era.

Dracula X screenshotsDracula X screenshotsDracula X screenshots

The music is perfect. Better than anything I’ve heard yet on PS. It is perfect, enough said.

Gameplay is classic Castlevania style, but adds interesting RPG elements, such as level gain, armor and weapon change, and hit points. Alucard is very fluid, and he travels through his surroundings nicely. The enemies have good AI, and it doesn’t get hindered by someone with a high level (unless you’re fighting Medusa, who pretty much just sits there).

Lifespan is good, only because once you think its over, you still have a long way to go, and once you beat it entirely, you can go through again as another character. Buy this game!

Graphics:  8
   Sound:  10 (eleven if I could)
Gameplay:  8
Lifespan:  10
 Overall:  9

Reviewed by Cable Thorne,

(c) Konami

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