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3D Racing
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Marc Pee
NTSC - Japan

Choro Q 2 screenshots The sequel and follow-up to Takara's popular and cute first generation racing game for the Playstation when it was first released in Japan. This game looked great on the Playstation when it was first released. However, I don't really have much to say about this sequel other than the fact that you should try a few games of this type before settling on this one. Not that the game is bad or anything, it's just that there are so many racing games out there with each offering different options and gameplay.

Choro Q 2 screenshots The cars in Choro Q 2 have this "deformed" look about them, I suppose you should still be able to discern a Porsche from a Toyota. The interesting feature that this game can boast off are the entertaining and sometimes colourful tracks that you can choose from, from tarmac filled roads to mud and sand tracks, and there's even one that takes you down underwater! Yes that's right my fellow gamesters, your car can be used underwater and you can even drive underwater without losing too much speed. A James Bond inspired feature perhaps?

The usual rules apply here. You race in competitions to earn money to upgrade your set of wheels. To win money, you will have to come in at least in third placing. You will have to qualify for all tracks which are accessible to you before new tracks are added to your choice.

Choro Q 2 screenshots The most interesting aspect of this game is the number of options given to you. Instead of choosing from a menu, you get to drive around a town of sorts going to different buildings for parts and upgrades.

There are 3 "Body Shops" and 2 "Paint Shops" for you to customise your car like changing the body and colour. There are 2 "Parts Shop" where you can buy stuff like tires, engines, gear shifts and even to 'upgrade' your horns. A "Part Exchange Shop" is available as well for you to exchange or sell parts that you do not need.

On top of that, there's a Drag Race Strip for you to race with an opponent for a distance of 400m as well as an "Obstacle Course" for you to drive around with touching the markers and finally a "Subway Track".

Choro Q 2 screenshots This is a good lazy Sunday afternoon game for kids and adults alike. There's a wide range of cars to choose from, heck you can even select a mini van or bus to drive in. Getting used to the controls are fairly simple. Like most driving games, this puppy is also compatible with Namco's NegCon analog pad which controls just as well. This game will not win any awards, but the fun factor is still there. How long that will last depends on who's playing it. After awhile, I suspect kids may start getting bored with this game as well. The challenge level is low once you get the knack of steering your car.

I don't know about you guys, but this game just didn't do it for me. Other than the variety of tracks offered, this is just another racing game to me. It didn't hold my interest long enough and I got jaded quickly soon after. Folks who want speed, thrills and spills ought to try Rage Racer or even RayTracers instead. On the plus side, the colourful graphics and easy gameplay should appeal to younger kids.

      GRAPHICS    6          PLAYABILITY    8          REPLAY VALUE   7
      SOUNDS      7          PRESENTATION   6

                        OVERALL SCORE    6.8

Reviewed by Marc Pee,
Screen captures by Leonard Gan,

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