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Well, as we all know, Saturn owners have been enjoying the sequel to this game for some time, but unfortunately their machine cannot handle Resident Evil, so to make up for that we are only going to get the first game. But the good news is the differences between the two games are minor, two fewer characters and no super move levels and no remixed soundtrack. What it does have though is wonderfully detailed graphics and animation as well as using the Playstations colour power to the maximum, and some great audio effects. It has been said that the PSX cannot handle 2D graphics as well as 3D ones, well seeing as the machine was built to be the most sophisticated 3D graphics games machine on the market, but it does handle Darkstalkers well. The only problem is that the game passed me right by in the arcades while I was playing Super SF 2 Turbo, so I never really got a look at it, and therefore I cannot compare it to the arcade. All I can say is that the graphics are impressive and probably the best 2D visuals around at the moment. Bearing that in mind I would imagine that the PSX version of X-men will also be good, meaning that the Saturn is not better than the PSX at anything[yes!].

Darkstalkers-pic2 There are ten initially selectable characters all with their individual moves and looks , all the moves are in the normal SF style, Dragon punches, fire balls, moon kicks and so forth, there is also a SPECIAL bar at the bottom of the screen. Everybody by now should know what it does, but unfortunately it does not have levels like the recent SF games. When SF zero came out for the PSX, I was not interested at all due to the fact that I have spent most of my video gaming life playing it on all the formats imaginable, and I have played with some of the best SF players in the country, and I could not bear to hear any more Dragon punches. But on the other hand I was intruiged to see what this game was like.

Darkstalkers-pic3 In normal Capcom style the playability is almost perfect, and this is where the game excels along with long term appeal. The sound is also good, little sound effects here and there work really well, especially with the Q sound. The only problem with the game is that there is a 7-8 second gap[huge compared to tekken 2]of loading time in between characters which if you are especially impatient will bug you. The other thing is the appealing options or the appealing lack of them, but there are eight difficulty level settings[eight is suprisingly tough]. So my verdict is that this has breathed life into something that is superb, but getting very old, and is one of the most impressive 2D games around. Unless you already have SF Zero, I would recommend this game sincerely. It sits very well with the incredible selection of fighting games already available for the Sony Playstation.

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