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Well, as you probably know, this game is divided into three parts. The first part is some sort of a mixture between Lone Soldier and Loaded, pretty much a basic shoot'em up. The second game is a Virtua Cop style game where you have control over a cursor and are guided through various locations shooting things and people. The third part is a driving game where you have to race through streets, parks and docklands looking for bombs. The three games follow the plot of the films loosely and use the settings of the films.

Die Hard

Die Hard Trilogy -pic1 This is probably the weakest part of the game because the graphics here are just a little more than functional, the animation of the player is a bit ragged and the surroundings are a little boring. The graphic engine enables the player to see through walls and it works well. It gives you a better sense of the surroundings. But the actual gameplay gets repetitive. It is fun to shoot terrorists and lob grenades down hallways, but it won't keep you hooked for very long. And even though the game is long, it is pretty easy and has very few suprises.

Die Harder

Die Hard Trilogy -pic2 Now this is the part that made me buy the game. It's like an enhanced version of Virtua Cop on Playstation. It's like comparing Virtua Fighter to Tekken. The game's texture-mapping is unbelievable, bad guys have photo realistic faces and the guns, sprinkler systems and explosions look FANTASTIC. Throw a grenade into a room and the whole building shakes. Ceilings crack, windows break and innocents get blown into small tiny bits of flesh. It is fast, furious, fun, and damn gore filled. The realism is incredible, an M16 sounds like an M16, it's semi automatic too. All the weapons are very realistic and so are the deaths, a lot less choreagraphed than Virtua Cop. If an enemy is down, and you keep shooting him, his body shakes and writhes on the floor. The graphics are excellent. Picking up a second pistol and taking out 50 terrorists is really as fun as it can be in a videogame. So why isn't this game being awarded all the best awards? That's because as soon as you get past the second tricky level, this game is over in a flash. And the later levels are no way as good as the first two. The game is not nearly hard enough either. I think this part should have been three times longer.

Die Hard with a Vengeance

Die Hard Trilogy -pic3 The third part of Die Hard Trilogy is a racing game. You take control of an assortment of cars and have to diffuse bombs in a time limit. The graphics are good, but not great. The game runs at a nice, fast pace, and the city is big and detailed. Some shops have little beer [Bud] signs hanging in the windows. Chasing cars with bombs, running over people, skidding round corners, honking the horn and shouting get out of the way is cool. The only problem is that the collision detection is awful, you can get stuck between cars and trapped in all sorts of places which in the later levels becomes very frustrating. The handling of the car is good and responsive and the variety of cars is good. But the game is a little repetitive and ,as I said, can sometimes become frustrating.

The sound is excellent, and there are some nice music. The first and the third game are fun, but limited. The second game is great, but gets over too quickly. One thing Die Hard Trilogy has in truck loads of is originality, good ideas and a wonderful attention to details. DHT is perfect for stress release but will not hold your attention once completed. Let's hope somebody makes a game like the second part, Die Harder, but a lot longer and a lot tougher.

Looking forward to Namco's Time Crisis.

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