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Comedy Adventure
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Blaine E. Pynkala

Discworld 2 - screenshot Number of players: 1 player
Rating: Teen

Discworld II: Mortality Bytes! (DW2) is billed as a comedy adventure. The game is a delightful and zany adventure. Players looking for a slow-paced and laid-back game filled with challenging puzzles will thoroughly enjoy DW2. Most of the comedy is provided by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame. If you laugh insanely at dead animals in the middle of the highway then you will find the game hilarious.

Discworld 2 - screenshot In DW2 you assume the role of Rincewind, a magician who is regarded by his peers as someone best forgotten. Death (a character in the story) has run off to the tropics to partake of adult beverages and babettes. In the meantime, the recently departed are lying around stinking up the place and annoying the living with their corny remarks. Your assignment (if you decide to take it) is to bring Death back so order can be re-established between the living and the hereafter.

Discworld 2 - screenshot There are a series of quests you must complete in the 4 act play before you reach the game's climax. The puzzles are challenging and thought provoking. Psygnosis claims there are over 100 hours of absorbing gameplay. The load times between scenes contributes to this total. Once you complete the game, as is the case with adventure games, the replay value is low.

Whether you think the game is funny or not, depends on your sense of humor. If you like dry British (no offense) humor, the game is very funny. However, if your sense of humor is of other persuasions, the game is mildly amusing and will merely produce a number of smiles.

The graphics consist of brilliantly colored animated cartoons that are nicely done. Objects, including small ones, are drawn sharply and easy to identify even on a small TV.

There's not much to say about the sound effects and soundtrack. This is an adventure game after all and not an action game. But - the sound does compliment gameplay and enhances the playing environment.

The game supports the PSX mouse. There is an option screen that allows you to adjust the mouse's sensitivity to your liking. The game can be played easily and effortlessly with the mouse. Kudos to Psygnosis for the excellent mouse control included in the game.

The Bottom Line: If you like fast-paced, explosive, in your face action games, you'll find DW2 boring. This is a game that taxes your gray matter rather than your trigger finger. If you're looking for an adventure game that is challenging, entertaining and occasionally funny, then DW2 is the game for you.

Reviewed by Blaine E. Pynkala

                          Street Price:  $49.99
                              Password:  No
                           Memory Card:  2 Blocks
                              Supports:  PSX Mouse
                              Graphics:  8.5
                                 Sound:  7.5
                            Soundtrack:  7
                            Controller:  9
                        Learning Curve:  Low
                            Difficulty:  Moderate
                                Manual:  Good
                          Replay Value:  Low


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