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Marc Pee
NTSC - Japan

Doraemon 2 screenshots WHAT¹S IT ALL ABOUT ?
Doraemon, an atomic powered blue cat from the 21st century is probably one of the most recognised Japanese anime character of all time. This is Doraemon's 2nd game with the PlayStation. The story is quite simple: Doraemon and his five friends travel to a different alternate world using "The Everywhere Door" where they have to rescue a friend.
Doraemon 2 screenshots This is a simplistic platform game designed for kids and fans of Doraemon. Gameplay is pretty much standard fare for platformers which reminds one of Donkey Kong or Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. You have to clear each stage using Doraemon and his friends. The enemies are easy to destroy either with mini bombs or by jumping and landing on their heads. The puzzle elements of this game is fairly simple as well usually getting the player to figure which block to destroy in order to get to the unreachable parts of the game.

Doraemon 2 screenshots Nothing too complicated here. Just the common stuff which needs no mention.

Controls are pretty straight forward and responsive which is really important for a platformer. You can jump, throw bombs and perform a dash move with your game character. Unfortunately, I'm no fan of Doraemon and even if I am, this game does not quite appeal to the older gamer. However, on the upside, there are some challenging parts in the game like when you meet some of the bosses. Seasoned game players will be able to quickly figure out movement and attack patterns as such that once you get the momentum going, beating the level bosses is a cinch. The bad part about this game is that once you get hit, it's a quick death and you'll have to start from the beginning of the level again.

Doraemon 2 screenshots Like I mentioned before, great game for kids or fans of Doraemon. Other than that, it's your standard platform fare. Love it or hate it, it's still a fairly well "put-together" game. Believe me, I've seen and experienced worse.

Although the programmers are trying to give the game a "cartoonish" feel to it (as close to the anime series as possible), I felt that it borders too close to what the Super Nintendo is capable of doing. It's a pity that the game developers did not take full advantage of the PlayStation hardware to add a more polished look to the game...even if it's just eye candy, it would have added that little bit more to the quality of the game. Buy this only if you're into cute game characters or if you're like totally zonked with fingers twitching and desperate for a platform game.

      GRAPHICS    5          PLAYABILITY    8          REPLAY VALUE   7
      SOUNDS      6          PRESENTATION   6

                        OVERALL SCORE    6.4

Reviewed by Marc Pee,
Screen captures by Leonard Gan,

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