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First Off, the import version of Dracula X comes with a bonus music CD that features selected tracks from all of the Castlevania games, as well as an art book featuring illustrations and a small comic by Ayami Kojima. Considering how the U.S. releases of games are, I would really doubt that these will be in the U.S. version, which makes the import worth getting even more, especially since this game features voice, which will no doubt be changed for the American release.

Dracula X screenshotsDracula X screenshotsDracula X screenshots

Dracula X starts off with a flashback of sorts: You aren't playing as Alucard, but rather Rictor, from Dracula X 1! You have to go through a small stage (which will seem familar if you played Dracula X 1) and then defeat a vampire at the end, both in his "human" form, and in....well....(I don't want to give away any more...I don't want to spoil the opening storyline for you, which by the way is in English!)

Dracula X screenshotsDracula X screenshotsDracula X screenshots

As for the game itself, well, Dracula X is pure Castlevania....only BETTER! The main character of the game, Alucard, is able to do more than just crack a whip (in fact, not counting the intro, I have yet to even use a whip). He can use a variety of weapons, armor, and magic, as well as dodge attacks, perform super moves, and dash forward or backward through the many gigantic stages in the game. In fact, I didn't even go through all of the rooms on the first stage! The game also includes an RPG-type feature: as you destroy the various monsters in the game, your attack and HP levels increase......

Dracula X screenshotsDracula X screenshotsDracula X screenshots

The graphics in Dracula X are simply stunning. The beautiful 2D graphics feature great animation, exquisite characters, incredible monsters, and gory death scenes. There are also some cool 3D effects present in the backgrounds(which feature several layers of parallax in some stages) and in the opening cinema.

The sound that accompanies the excellent graphics is amazing as well. I've always thought that the Castlevania series has had great music, and Dracula X is no different. The sound effects are also done very well, with such samples as glass shattering when you destroy glass objects containing powerups.

Superb. The control is just the way you would want it to be: pure Castlevania! All of the different techniques you can perform during the game are very easy to execute.

Is there NOTHING bad about this game?! So far, it seems that way! To me, Dracula X blows away every other 2D platform game for the PSX to date!

Graphics:   10
Sound:      10
Control:    10
Fun:        10

Konami has outdone themselves with this truly amazing game!

You may want to purchase the import, however, because of the music CD, art/comic book, and the Japanese voices. Due to some of the graphic content of the game, it may be slightly censored in the U.S. as well.

Reviewed by Lee,

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