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Dear readers of PSG,

Thank you to everyone of you who have been supporting this site for the last two years. But I am afraid I have to tell you that today, PlayStation Gamer is officially closed. But this site will still remain online as an information center. I believe there are many, many articles here that are still worth reading.

There are many reasons for my decision to quit. Maintaining this big site by myself is way too time-consuming. With my job and studies, I just can't spend time on this site anymore. Second, I'm fed up with people who criticize my work. I only did this for fun in the beginning, and kept maintaining it because of the fans. And third, doing the same thing for 2 years has been very boring. I want to move on ^_^

I've already mentioned that I'm quitting in the Editorial section, but not all people read that section (too bad, too bad). I've been receiving many nice emails last week, from people who wanted to thank me for my work. I am really, really touched ^_^

So, to fans of PSG, I decided to make a new site, basically a much smaller version of PSG. Check out PlayStation Gamer v2.0 at
It is for fans only. There will only be news from the Japanese gaming market, and some anime-related news as well. See you there! ^_^

    - Joe Chan, webmaster.

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